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Proprietary Solutions for Early Diagnosis & Treatment of Pregnancies

Hitachi offers accurate diagnosis and assessment of maternal and fetal well-being to provide greater assurance to our patients.

Streamlining Prenatal Examinations


With Auto-Biometry, the four major fetal structures (BPD, HC, AC and FL) required for biometric measurement is automatically measured via one touch operation. This significantly reduces repetitive operation, thus improving workflow tremendously.

Auto Fetal Heart Rate+

The fetal heart rate can be automatically calculated using a tracking ROI placed over the fetal heart on the B mode image in real time. This offers a safer and more objective measurement compared to conventional Doppler or M-mode methods. Furthermore, as this function is also available on the transvaginal transducer, assessment can be made from early gestation onwards.

Auto Fractional Shortening

Automatic tracking of fetal heart movement from the B mode image follows the displacement of the heart wall in the apical direction for measurement of %Fractional Shortening (%FS). Measurement accuracy is unaffected by a change in the fetal position or by the mother’s breathing.

Dual Gate Doppler

Enables observation of Doppler waveforms from two different locations during the same heart cycle. Simple measurements from two different waveforms can be useful in the diagnosis of fetal arrhythmia.

Dynamic Slow-motion Display

Dynamic Slow Motion Display (DSD) supports dynamic simultaneous display of both real-time and slow motion fetal heart side-by-side. With this feature, we are able to observe and capture the fast moving heart easier in slower motion for detailed evaluation of any abnormalities.

Spatio-temporal Image Correlation

For the fast-moving fetal heart, STIC allows for multi-slice 3D volume data sets of one cardiac cycle to be reconstructed for a better understanding of the fetal heart.

Convex Continuous Wave

Our convex transducer supports CW mode for sampling of high velocity blood flow, enabling accurate measurement of velocities in extremely high flow state in cases such as valvular regurgitation and vessel stenosis without having to change and use a sector transducer.

Colour Doppler (Glossy Level)

Further enhances the visual effect of the continuity in blood flow, making the evaluation of blood flow much easier even on the tiniest vessel.

Realistic Vue

A rendering that uses shading from a virtual light source to give a more realistic perception of texture to the 3D surface anatomy. Detailed observation of region of interest is achieved by moving the light source.

Dynamic Assessment with 4D Imaging

Fetal 3D/4D

Three- and four-dimensional imaging can play a role as a prenatal communication tool connecting parents with their fetus. AutoClipper automatically defines the optimal cut plane removing placental or other unwanted tissue signals in front of the fetus, offering a clear surface-rendered fetal image.

baby face

This is a new rendering mode to extract and superimpose (overlay) boundaries. It enables to visualize intracavity structures such as the brain, the gastrointestinal tract, and the overlapping of multiple fetuses.

SCENARIA View Image 1
4Dshading Flow

By changing the position of the virtual light source, 4Dshading Flow create an even more enhanced 3D effect than conventional 3D colour image.

It enables us to grasp the complicated condition of the blood vessel running such as the existence of pulmonary veins (TAPVC), abnormalities in the blood flow structure of the fetal brain, structure of placental blood flow, in three dimensions.

SCENARIA View Image 1

Pure Image


Dynamic focusing method that overcomes the limitations of conventional beamforming. Combined with fast parallel beamforming, the display images are homogeneous with excellent S/N and spatial/contrast resolution, without compromising on frame rate, providing auto-optimisation of images as you scan.


eFlow is a high definition blood flow imaging mode with drastic improvement in spatial and temporal resolution. With higher sensitivity and less patient variability, it is possible to gain detailed observation and differentiation of fine blood vessels.

Women's Healthcare Technologies

Real-time Elastography (RTE) for Breast & Cervix

Elastography with Strain Ratio Measurement designs an easy workflow to detect and evaluate masses in breasts in order to increase the detection rate of breast cancer.

Multi-follicle Volume

For efficiency and to speed up the process of counting follicles during In-Vitro Fertilization treatment, Multi-follicle Volume (MFV) helps to automatically measure up to 20 follicles in the ovary using the volume data.

Trace Volume Measurement

Measures the volume of uterine endometrium accurately which assists in determining the rate of implantation of fertilized ovum.

Unique Transducer

An angled transvaginal transducer with small rounded tip with wide viewing angle of 200deg means minimal manipulation and more comfort for patient. Supports biopsy examination as well.