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Why Open MRI?


Opens Your Door to
More Patients

The added space and comfort that Hitachi's Open MRI offers widens the spectrum of patients that your clinic can attract.

Having an open view of the surroundings is particularly important for patients suffering from claustrophobia and anxiety. The open architecture also accommodates patients who are larger in built, or those with disabilities restricting straight body positioning.

Overcome Space and Budget Constraints

With a compact set-up of only 3 main units: the gantry, console and power supply system, Hitachi's Open MRI can be easily installed into small buildings with space constraints.

Hefty investment costs are also significantly eliminated as Permanent Magnet MRI systems do not require additional infrastructure for magnetic shielding, nor an equipment room.

Accelerated Returns on Investment

Monthly running costs are also kept at a minimum as Permanent Magnet MRI does not require a cooling unit to maintain the magnetic field. In addition, Hitachi's Open MRI is optimized to use a low capacity power supply hence minimizing the variable costs involved.

Boosted by Hitachi's exclusive offer, a lifetime warranty* is guaranteed to ensure zero maintenance cost on your end.

  • Open MRI has fewer susceptibility artifacts, therefore is able to generate excellent images particularly for imaging the bottom of the skull.
  • Diffusion images also experience much less distortions, and ADC value can be accurately measured.
  • Excellent T1 contrasts can be obtained, useful in depicting cartilage and intervertebral disc herniation.
  • Extremities, joints or spine, especially in patients with physical disabilities, can be images in high-quality due to the lateral slide table which easily positions these areas in the iso-center of the machine.
  • At the SPIO contrast examination, the contrast of Open MRI is found to be superior.
  • Because of fewer artifacts, image deterioration due to respiration and peristalsis is negligible when imaging the heart, liver, or biliary tract etc.

Supporting Your Needs

with Advanced Technological Capabilities

User-Friendly and Efficient Workflow


Motorized Slide Table

Hitachi's Open MRIs are equipped with a fully motorized slide table which can be moved perpendicularly and laterally inside the gantry, to ensure easy patient positioning for target regions to be scanned at the iso-centre of the magnetic field for optimal imaging results.

High Sensitivity Solenoid Coils

Regions that require small FOV and high spatial resolution can be acquired with higher sensitivity solenoid receiver coils. The small diameter coil is tailored for easy fitting to position target regions to the center of the coil.

30% Faster Scan Time

The latest upgrade in Hitachi Open MRI now automates pre-scan procedures, and integrates the unique algorithm, IP-RAPID to quicken scan times without compromise on image quality.

Diagnostic Power for Confident Results

Motion Artifact Suppression

Motion artefacts caused by a patient's voluntary or involuntary body movement can be mitigated with RADAR, Hitachi's radial scan technology. This helps reduce repeat scans and significantly improves image quality.

Non-contrast MRA

Portal veins, renal arteries, and upper/lower extremity arteries can be visualized with superior clarity using VASC-ASL, a non-contrast MRA imaging function that uses 3D BASG to visualize the blood flow labelled with IR pulses.

High Definition MRA

Hitachi’s proprietary multi-slab MRA image quality enhancement function, FITT, significantly improves MRA image quality to aid in quick and easy diagnosis.

With over 7,000* units installed worldwide,
Hitachi is at the forefront of Open MRI technology.

*2016 shipment records

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