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Intraoperative Ultrasound in Surgery

While pre-operative planning is important, anatomies tend to shift during surgeries, and in some cases may reveal a disparity from what was expected. This is where intraoperative ultrasound serves as a powerful tool to support surgeons in making critical decisions. With precise visualization of blood flows, vascular structures, and targeted regions in real-time, intraoperative ultrasound can accurately guide surgeons through difficult processes, leading to improved surgical outcomes.


Dedicated Intraoperative Transducers

Hitachi offers a comprehensive range of transducers to support different surgical fields.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Drop-in Robotic Transducer

Drop-in laparoscopic probes are suitable for use with robotic systems. Utilizing the full benefits of precise Wrist Articulation™ in robotic instruments, it allows direct surgeon control of the probe with full robotic articulation to capture real-time images at complex angles that are not possible with traditional laparoscopic ultrasound.

4-way Flexible Laparoscopic Transducer

Laparoscopic probe with 4-way articulation provides a wide range of motion of the tip, giving the required flexibility for proper imaging of lesions of abdominal organs during laparoscopic surgery. It is useful for localization of tumours, to grasp their positional relationship with surrounding vessels, or to search for residual lesions, etc.

Open Abdominal Surgery

T-Shape Linear Transducer

T-shape linear probes for wide field of view with excellent near-field plus penetration offers easy interpreation of the scan plane or to trace a vessel path, especially during hepatic surgery.

Micro Convex Transducer

Its small size is ideal for use in a smaller operating field as the transducer can be gripped between the fingers. It is especially useful for determination of the resection area and to detect new lesions in hepatic and pancreatic surgery.


The world’s only phased array burr-hole guidance transducer that is ideal for shunt and drain placements and needle guidance.

Prostate Biopsy

Bi-Plane prostate transducer is ideal for Saturation Biopsy, Brachy LDR & HDR and Cryo procedures.

Useful Applications in Everyday Practice

Needle Emphasis

Needle Emphasis

Automatically adjusts the deflection angle of beams and images to enhances needle visibility, assisting in safe and accurate procedures.


Marking Assist

Lines displayed in B-mode imaging correspond to markers on the transducer head. This supports marking on the body surface before surgical operation.

Advanced Imaging Modes for Increased Precision


Real-time Tissue Elastography

The elastography mode on Hitachi’s intraoperative transducers offers an additional qualitative assessment of tumor stiffness.

Contrast Harmonic Imaging (CHI)

Intraoperative contrast enhanced ultrasound is useful not only for lesion detection, but also to achieve the surgical margin, and to image areas of a vascularity.

Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)

Real-time Virtual Sonography merges a real-time ultrasound image with a previously acquired CT, MR, PET or ultrasound image. It uses the strengths of each imaging modality to give a direct comparison of lesions, useful from diagnosis to treatment to evaluation of the treatment program.

3D Sim-Navigator

Provides simulation of single or multiple needle paths during navigation to a target with Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS).The positional relationship between the marked target and needle paths can be assessed in real time using the 3D body mark, reconstructed from the virtual CT volume data, with additional C-plane display orthogonal to the needle path.

E-field Simulator

From the given location of multiple electrodes during RFA treatment, we are able to simulate a distribution of e-field as a colour map superimposed on reconstructed CT/MRI volume data. The simulation can be made with different positioning of multiple electrodes to determine the optimal arrangement. This flexibility in planning the needle path can bring significant improvement to the treatment technique.