Our MRI systems provide a flexible and robust platform with high-resolution scanning and uniform fat suppression for MSK imaging.

Fast Acquisition


Users can manipulate the receiver bandwidth for short echo spacing to reduce distortion. This technique enables consistent metallic implant artifact reduction throughout the body with short acquisition time.

Advanced Cartilage Assessment

T2 RelaxMap

Provides quantitative imaging for cartilage assessment with actual T2 values displayed in a colour overlay within a morphological image which can depict subtle tissue properties and anomalies.

High Contrast Imaging

Micro TE

Micro TE is used to analyze cortical bone, tendon, and ligament using 2D radial gradient echo to provide high contrast imaging of tissue with very short T2 values.

Additive Echoes. Superb Contrast.


Combined use of ADAGE (Additive Arrangement Gradient Echo) and fat suppression by WE (Water Excitation). Increased contrast of spinal fluid helps show nerve roots clearly.

Reconstruct Volume Data


The high spatial reconstruction volume data acquired in imaging can be reconstructed into any plane or slice thickness.

Uniform Fat Suppression For All FOV

RF Fat Saturation

Consistent uniform fat suppression ranging from large FOV for hips and spines to small FOV fingers and toes.