Intraoperative MRI

To optimise the surgical decision process, Hitachi offers the Intraoperative MRI, a One-Room Solution where:
  • operation can be conducted in the same room as the MRI scan.
  • video and image outputs from intraoperative MRI and other surgical equipment are shared with the surgical team so that surgeons can make swift and accurate decisions

Innovation by demand

In resection of brain tumor, it is important to maximize its removal to increase the 5-year survival rate of the patient while preserving functional areas to minimize post-operative complications.

The MRI image is most effective in showing the positional relationship between tumor and normal tissue. With MRI images acquired intraoperatively in real-time, accuracy of the navigation system will be increased significantly.

A revolution in neurosurgery

  1. One Room Solution 
    Low field MRI systems can be easily installed in the operating theatre without interference to surgical instruments. As such, when the need to perform an MRI scan during surgery arises, surgeons need not make drastic movements to patients in craniotomy state.
  2. One rotation 
    Hitachi brings it one step further by introducing the rotating surgical table. With one rotation, the patient is smoothly transited between surgical state and MRI imaging state.
  3. One customized plan for success 
    Based on actual customer’s site, we will propose suitable layout plans, surgical equipment and imaging device that work cohesively. If accepted, we will co-ordinate with internal and external stakeholders to fulfil the plan.
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Unravel the potential of iMRI

  1. Enhanced surgical decision process with updated images acquired intraoperatively.
  2. Improve surgical outcome for patient with greater gross tumor resected.
  3. Reduction of re-operation and recurrence rate for patient
  4. Improve strategic position of hospital with cutting-edge medical technology.
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Intraoperative MRI - Clincial Cases