The all new smart and compact ultrasound system.
Its advanced technologies:
  • streamline daily workload
  • produce high-resolution clear images for accurate diagnosis and reduction in examination time.

    Its compact housing also supports a broad variety of applications for obstetrics and gynecology.

    The New Smart Compact

    Now with ClearVision, you can achieve better images with enhanced contrast resolution, border delineation and noise reduction.

    SCENARIA View Image 4
    SCENARIA View Image 4

    Remarkable Images

    By compounding data from multiple steered beams, MultiVision improves contrast resolution with a reduction in speckle noise.

    SCENARIA View Image 4
    SCENARIA View Image 4

    Minimized Noise

    Used in combination with ClearVision and MultiVision, S-Harmonic reduces noise and provides image clarity and homogeneity from near to far field.

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    Built to streamline processes

    With 21.1 inch large monitor, touch panel support and a fully articulated monitor arm, FUTUS delivers ultimate convenience for you.

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    Virtually Silent

    The best examination environment you can provide for your patients.