The EXAVISTA is the true FPD system that answers the questions asked on the clinical front. It has a 17-inch wide FPD that lets you foresee a new style of EXAmination and a new VISTA with its wider and clearer images.

Hello Flat Panel Detector

The FPD system introduces VISTA PANEL which replaces the conventional circular FOV with a rectangular FOV that enables easier recognition and positioning of target region. In addition, the system has no distortion, low X-ray exposure, and no aging degradation unlike that of the older I.I-DR system.

High clarity in your application

EXAVSITA is equipped with the latest automatic image processing technology, FAiCE-V NEXT STAGE1, which increases both contrast and sharpness of fluoroscopic images while reducing noise and after-image.

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All-in-one VISTA Desk

EXAVISTA features an easy to use, wide open styled desk with all technologies incorporated in it.

  1. Digital fluoroscopic filing
    Digital fluoroscopic images are filled into a hard disk built in the console to allow repeated checks of necessary images. Slight movements like in video-fluoroscopic examinations of swallowing can also be captured easily.
  2. Multi-modality display
    With the Q/R function, any image can be retrieved from the referenced image server on the in-hospital network, supporting exact and quick examinations.
  3. Multi-operation
    During fluoroscopy, images of any other patient can be displayed, edited and printed to improve work efficiency during examination.
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Smart essentials in a fluoroscopic table

Oblique Angle

Radiography/fluoroscopy can be done at oblique angles [35°/-35°], great for positioning overlapped organs and scanning patients on wheelchairs.

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Tilting Operation

The fluoroscopic table can be tilted to a 90° upright or Trendelenburg position, with adjustable speeds in accordance to your patient’s age & purpose of examination.

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Long-stroke of imaging unit

The 150cm long stroke of the imaging unit, combined with a wide FOV obtained by FPD, allows operators to conduct examinations without moving the patient.

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Elevated table-top

The table can be elevated from 48-105cm above ground level to allow easy access of patients, especially those who need to ride on/off the wheelchair or stretcher.

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Accessible from all angles

The design of EXAVISTA allows for patients to be easily accessed and supported from the back of the table-top, particularly useful for infant examinations.

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