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Redefining the Vision of Cardiovascular Ultrasound

From premium to flexible-use systems, our solutions are specialized with cutting-edge image processing tools, and advanced hemodynamic analytics to support clinicians in reaching the next level of diagnostic precision, reliability, and confidence to treat patients effectively. 

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Exciting Innovations Not To Be Missed!

Virtual Contrast

A novel high-definition blood flow that helps clinicians measure systolic function more easily, acting as a non-invasive alternative to contrast agents, with results comparable to MRI.

Dual Gate Doppler

Especially useful in assessing patients with arrhythmia, our D.G.D. measures two separate waveforms from the same heart cycle, simulateneously.

Vector Flow Mapping

The world's first VFM in ultrasound to visualize and quantify hemodynamics in all directions to evaluate cardiac workload, with results comparable to CMR.

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