Be enlightened, Be smart.

ECHELON Smart is a high-field MRI equipped with sophisticated technologies to achieve

  • extraordinary image quality
  • quiet and streamlined examination
  • economical running costs
  • small footprint with flexible layout

RAPID Imaging, Optimized Productivity

Long scanning time has been one of the biggest MR imaging challenges. With the new high-speed scanning technology, IP-RAPID, scan time is reduced by 50%, without compromise to image quality.

Intelligent Performance, Sophisticated Technology

Equipped with powerful sub-systems like SmartENGINE, high performing RF system improves signal acquisition and mitigates noise in image reconstruction to deliver high SNR imaging.

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Comfortable and Soundless Examination

Hitachi's SoftSound noise reduction technology reduces 96% of the sound pressure to create the ultimate patient-friendly imaging environment.

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Intelligent Speed, Improved Workflow Performance

With fast and robust pre-scan, scan, and post-scan capabilities, you can save time and rest assure of consistent imaging.

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A built-in energy-saving function stops the refrigeration system during off-time use, effectively saving power while maintaining zero-boiloff without helium consumption.

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Small Footprint,
Flexible Layout

ECHELON Smart accommodates small site installation with its small build. The extended cable between gantry and electrical units delivers abundant orientation possibilities.

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