DCS-900FX was developed to create a compact system that has reliable technologies and outstanding usability. It is the answer to the continuous pursuit of having a more comfortable examination for both the examiner and examinee.

High-Quality Images

Powerful X-ray generator in a compact body. In-built Bone Mineral Stabilizer with One pass scan function for the best accuracy.

Hassle-Free Process

Measurement of spine can be done in 40 seconds while the hipbone only takes 20 seconds. Shorter scanning time means less burden for your patient.

Versatile System Application

Compact design which can be used with X-ray imaging system or imaging table. Instrument head can be flipped up for easy examination.

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Intuitive and Adaptable

With guideline system, patient can be positioned easily with minimum stress. Adjustable system height allows measurement in the spine, femur and forearm.