Hitachi’s standard and user-customized 2D and 3D protocols for abdomen, pelvis, MRCP, and dynamic liver and breast imaging are ready for your Body MRI challenges.

Whole Body Imaging

Our MRI patient tables allows long strokes up to 2800mm, making it possible to scan head-to-toe. The image stitching function permits individually scanned images to be stitched to create an easy-to-see image with wide patient coverage available.

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Dynamic Liver &
Breast Imaging

Acquisition of clear images with high-precision fat suppression.

T1 weighted Gradient Echo nature of the sequence provide for dynamic liver and breast imaging using 3D T1WI GE with segmented RF fat saturation and RAPID parallel imaging.

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Abdomen Imaging

Abdominal Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Lesion detection is enhanced with user selectable b-value.

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A Water Fat Separation technique that significantly removes metal artifact, providing high SNR fat suppressed imaging with in phase and out of phase images in one sequence.

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