ARIETTA Prologue

The design and usability of ARIETTA Prologue are thoroughly refined to:
  • easily fit in various operation environments
  • ensure maximum user flexibility
  • offer full functions as an advanced diagnostic ultrasound system

Your Mobile Ultrasound

You can have it hand carried, used it with a cart or combine it with the transducer tray, it’s your choice.

SCENARIA View Image 4
SCENARIA View Image 4

Intuitive Design

With wireless monitor and smart touch panel setup, you can start scanning whenever you need.

SCENARIA View Image 4
SCENARIA View Image 4

Scanning Has Never Been So Easy

With ScanSync control*, operation is aligned to transducer movements so manual control on the monitor is no longer required.

Advanced Image Processing Technology

Silky Image Processing (SIP)

SIP is an adaptive tissue filter that boosts contrast resolution, providing clean tissue borders and detailed depiction of parenchyma.

SCENARIA View Image 2
Compound Imaging

Beams are transmitted in multiple directions to reduce artifacts that result from a single beam path. Tissue boundaries can be visualized clearly.

SCENARIA View Image 2

Bigger & Clearer

Full image display so you can have more detailed observation.


Needle Emphasis (NE)

NE enhances visualization of the needle, increasing safety and accuracy for biopsy and other interventional procedures.

Auto IMT Measurement

Automatic trace of the vessel intima with a display of its mean thickness provides an assessment for cardiovascular diseases.

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