The advanced architecture of ARIETTA 70 has been redesigned in line with our commitment to produce:
  • the highest quality ‘sound’ 
  • capturing the subtlest of changes
  • ergonomic design to support a comfortable working environment

Tune the future to visualize ultrasound.

Arietta 70 is built with Hitachi's Symphonic Technology that combines clearly defined transducers, front-end and back-end technology to offer a diagnostic solution with unprecedented performance.

  1. Multi-layered Crystal Technology.
    Hitachi uses a unique technology to layer the piezoelectric elements to minimize signal attenuation.
  2. Front-end Technology.
    Integrating components of the probe connector, noise is suppressed and S/N ratio enhanced. The Compound Pulse Wave Generator (CPWG) produces efficient transmission waveform to obtain high sensitivity and resolution.
  3. Pixel Focus.
    Dynamically focusing at the pixel level for increased precision and image uniformity.
  4. Ultrabackend Plus.
    Fully software-orientated, high-speed computing is employed in the back-end enabling powerful image processing to produce images with outstanding clarity.
  5. IPS-Pro Panel Technology.
    With a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle, the In-Plane Switching Pro monitor gives a rich representation of the displayed image.
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Superb Imaging

The superb B-mode images created by Symphonic Technology offer high sensitivity and resolution with less patient variability, leading to earlier detection of lesions and accurate diagnosis.

High Resolution B-mode

ARIETTA 70 provides images that excel in both lateral and axial resolution.

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High Resolution eFlow

The high spatial resolution of eFlow produces a high definition display of blood flow even in fine vessels.

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The future begins with user-friendliness.

The two-way multi-rotary encoder enables adjustment of many functions with one control.

The 2-axis arm enables easy height adjustment and flexible movement up to 180 degrees rotation.

The transducer connector can be attached and detached with one hand. The system also includes one "dummy" connector port to hold a transducer when not in use.

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