ARIETTA 60 has high performance features packed into its compact housing.

Its high-end imaging technology and high level of image definition guides you towards a rapid and confident diagnosis.

Onward with Rapid & Confident diagnosis

Arietta 60 is built with Hitachi’s Symphonic Technology to deliver superior diagnostic imaging.

  1. Multi-layered Crystal Technology.
    Hitachi uses a unique technology to layer the piezoelectric elements to minimize signal attenuation.
  2. Front-end Technology.
    Integrating components of the probe connector, noise is suppressed and S/N ratio enhanced. The Compound Pulse Wave Generator (CPWG) produces efficient transmission waveform to obtain high sensitivity and resolution.
  3. Pixel Focus.
    Dynamically focusing at the pixel level for increased precision and image uniformity.
  4. Ultrabackend Plus.
    Fully software-orientated, high-speed computing is employed in the back-end enabling powerful image processing to produce images with outstanding clarity.
  5. IPS-Pro Panel Technology.
    With a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle, the In-Plane Switching Pro monitor gives a rich representation of the displayed image.
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Ease & Comfort

Made 25% lighter in weight compared to other models of its class, Arietta 60 can be moved around with minimal effort and operated easily in confined space.

The adjustable panel height, intuitive console design, palm rest and foot switch also come together to deliver all-round comfort and advanced workflow.

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