ARIETTA 50 offers an easy-to-view 21.5 inch monitor and intuitive interface that is optimised for all users.

The next stage in usability with:

  • Clear Imaging
  • Carefree workflow
  • Clean Applications

ARIETTA Ultrasound For Everyone

ARIETTA 50 inherits imaging technology cultivated in ARIETTA brand for high quality images.


High spatial resolution produces an accurate display of blood flow confined within the vessel walls, even in fine vessels.

Silky Imaging Processing

Reduce speckles and boost edge enhancement to generate clearer images for easier interpretation.

Compound Imaging

Enhances visualization of tissue boundaries by transmitting beams in multiple directions, thus reducing artifacts experienced when using a single beam path

Carefree Workflow

Simplified operating console with necessary controls only for simple operation; allowing user to start scanning with just one click.

Smart Operation

Retrieve former image settings to compare in follow-up studies

Intelligent Automatic Functions

Auto Optimizer enhances images with just a single keystroke - B-mode gain, base line position, and velocity range in Doppler waveform are automatically adjusted

Mobility gives Autonomy

With in-built battery, the system is able to be moved to another location readily and operation can be resumed immediately.