Looking for the perfect mix of patient care, diagnostic functions, and cost efficiencies? 

APERTO Lucent’s one-pillar open design delivers the most calming environment for patients of all sizes and condition, whilst giving you reliable images at low running costs. Now, incorporating the latest technological upgrade for high-speed scanning and the best quality images achieved by Open MRI. Find out more!

Examination Made More Efficient

The latest upgrade in APERTO Lucent incorporates synergies throughout the examination flow for increased productivity, and more consistent results.


With one-click, AutoExam automates the setting of scan parameters, slice positioning, image-processing, image, display, image storage, and image transfer functions. The operator can choose to stop, correct, or restart imaging at any point in time.


Reduces scan time while maintaining image quality by optimizing under-sampling and iterative reconstruction processes. It can be used for a wide range of anatomical regions in conjunction with various screening modes.


High-field Applications for Confident Results

APERTO Lucent supports a wide range of clinical applications such as non-contrast angiography, diffusion, or spectral fat suppression to tackle MRI challenges. View the Image Gallery tab, or enquire with us for more references.

Motion Artifact Suppression

Hitachi's unique RADAR technology compensates for patient's body movement by filling the k-space radially. In addition to conventional SE and FSE, APERTO Lucent now supports GrE sequences for all-rounded image clarity.

High Resolution Images in Record time

Not only does IP-RAPID streamline the scanning process, it also ensures that images produced are maintained at high quality. What IP-RAPID does is it takes the under-sampled 3D data from the k-space and reconstruct them numerous times; while repeatedly denoising 2D data.

Powerful Technological Capabilities

Easy correction of magnetic field.

The limitations faced with using linear shimming to correct static magnetic field homogeneity is solved with Supershim’s high order curved surface shimming function.

Powered for high-definition imaging.

An image reconstruction matrix of 2048 x 2048 is achieved for higher definition images of joint regions required for orthopedic imaging.

Complemented with solenoid receiver coils.

Regions that require small FOV and high spatial resolution can be acquired with the higher sensitivity solenoid receiver coils. The small diameter coil is tailored for easy fitting to position target regions to the centre of the coil.

Patient Comfort Prioritized

As the only single-pillar MRI, APERTO Lucent offers an expansive, panoramic open design to help patients with claustrophobia or anxiety to stay relaxed in their MRI examination.

Flexible Slide Table

The in-gantry lateral table movement allows for target regions or extremities like shoulder or knee to be easily positioned at isocentre of the magnetic field, without having to physically move the patient.

Floating Table

Helps patients to access the MRI scanner with greater ease. Particularly useful for children and the handicapped.

Quiet Scanning

Without an enclosed tunnel, the acoustics are significantly reduced and patients can undergo the examination comfortably without having to wear earplugs.

Non-contrast MRA Techniques

Compatible with VASC-ASL, non-contrast MRA images of complex vascular systems can be scanned without having to inject any contrast agents in patients.