AIRIS Vento is a fusion of application tech from superconductive MRI merged with open MRI technology.

It offers an all-in solution around:
  • a flexible design for limited spaces
  • whilst achieving excellent image quality
  • ease of operation
  • patient comfort

Operation made more efficient

Less strain on your eyes.

A soft celadon-based colour set, has been adopted for the GUI. Complex MRI imaging parameters are clearly displayed on the Windows-based wide screen for easy viewing.

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Customize your protocol

Routine protocols can be easily registered and edited, even during examination. For parameters that were incorrectly input, UI options are automatically provided as a guide for operators to select and amend the error.

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Reconstruct multiple cross-sections simultaneously.

Curved MPR allows for arbitrary section images to be reconstructed from 3D image data. It allows simultaneous imaging of plural curves which is useful in the case of scoliosis. Radial MPR can be useful when diagnosing complex structural tissues like within the knee joint.


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Powerful Technological Capabilities

Easy correction of magnetic field.

The limitations faced with using linear shimming to correct static magnetic field homogeneity is solved with Supershim’s high order curved surface shimming function.

Powered for high-definition imaging.

An image reconstruction matrix of 2048 x 2048 is achieved for higher definition images of join regions required for orthopaedic imaging.

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The Ultimate Patient Comfortability

Lateral Slide

For centralizing any target regions inside the MRI for optimal imaging position.

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Floating Table

Easy adjustment of table height for easier patient accessibility.

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For hands-free control of the table, enabling full concentration on the patient.

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