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Hitachi Medical Systems Singapore


Sirius 130HP/130HT

Sirius 130HT Image
Telescopic-arm type
Sirius 130HT

Motor-driven, compact and easy to operate, the Sirius 130HP/130HT is perfect for maneuvering tight spaces and has sufficient output and versatility for most medical examinations.


  • Constant frequency high voltage inverter generator
  • Dual motor-drive system for easy steering
  • Integrated system with mono-tank design
  • Remote panel equipped on collimator
  • Touch sensor to prevent collision in tight spaces
  • Hitachi's unique pantograph arm design for maximum maneuverability and versatility
  • Rotating anode with 0.6mm small focal spot for high image quality
  • Up to 216 parameter programs
  • X-ray indicator lamp
  • Ultrasound sale for SID measurement*
  • Wireless hand switch for X-ray exposure control*
  • X-ray protective screen for operator*


  • Single phase 200V power facility
  • 15kW inverter type high voltage generator
  • Tube current: 90-250mA
  • Tube voltage: 40-130kV
  • Product of radiography tube current and time: 0.5 to 200mAs

* Option